Chan Hon Kee 陳漢記 – Hong Kong

To conclude my foodie weekend, my cousin and her family took me to Tai Po!

My cousin found this place on openrice and it’s ranked #2 in Tai Po.

This place is famous for their rice rolls.  The 炸両 (doughnut wrapped with rice roll) was disappointing because the doughnut was wasn’t crispy and tough.  We also ordered the plain rice rolls, shrimps rice rolls, BBQ pork rice rolls and pork liver rice rolls.  The rice rolls were thin but not as thin as Tong Kee, a bit bigger and wasn’t as chewy.  Although there’s more filling here, the quality of ingredients weren’t as good as Tong Kee.

crab congee…. The congee had so much crab flavour and was so sweet! The congee base here is really good.  The consistency is perfect:  thin and the rice is cooked until only a tiny bit of rice particle is left.

We also ordered two more congees.  I’m not a congee fan but I had several bowls today!

deep-fried wontons

fish-skin dumplings with noodles

tomato pork chop rice… my niece (a somewhat picky eater) really liked this!


Chan Hon Kee 陳漢記

No. 91B Wan Tau Street, Tai Po, Hong Kong


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