Cervejaria Trindade – Lisbon, Portugal

After eating at Bonjardim, we walked around Avenida da Liberdade and Rossio Square and lined up for 15 minutes for the Santa Justa Elevator (before deciding that 20 euros was not worth it for a minute ride on the elevator). We ended up just walking up the hill shopped in Chiado.

While waiting for my brother’s Portuguese football jersey to be engraved with Ronaldo, we went to our next food stop: Café a Brasileira, one of the oldest and most famous café in Lisbon.  We got a table inside and waited for our server to come around, WHICH HE NEVER DID. He was off stacking plates, even when there was already couple stacks of clean plates.  A lot of customers were complaining at this point.  Then around 25 minutes after we got our table, he began to take orders from one end of the cafe to the other end.  When our table was next, he went back to the tables at the other end (where he already took the orders).  I was beyond pissed because he totally ignored us. We waited for 35 minutes and have not been served yet.  We got up, left and Café a Brasileira left a bitter impression, even if I haven’t even tried their coffees.  (This café doesn’t even deserve it’s own post for me to rant.)

After picking up the jersey, we headed for dinner at Cervejaria Trindade,  a combination of German beer hall and Portuguese tavern.

Cervejaria Trindade is the oldest tavern in Lisbon and has been in operation for 175 years! It’s a tourist hot-spot!

It was built on the foundations of the 13th-century convent, which was destroyed by the 1755 earthquake and was rebuilt.  In 1834, this place became a beer factory  and restaurant.  The walls are covered with 18th century azulejos (traditional Portugues decorative tiles), depicting the seasons and also Portuguese scenes.

The restaurants is now owned by owned by the brewers of Sagres beer so of course we tried their dark and light beer.

sirlon steak Trindade-style with fried egg and beer sauce

codfish loin a la office (grilled codfish loin on a thick slice of bread and accompanied by a potatoes and spinach)

shellfish rice a la friar scoundrel (Malandro rice and prawns, lobsters, mussels, clams)… the rice was al dente but the risotto we had the previous night at 100 Maneiras was more flavourful.

The food was pretty good but it’s the environment and history that makes this restaurant special.


Cervejaria Trindade

Rua Nova da Trindade 20
Lisbon, Portugal
213 423 506


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