100 Maneiras – Lisbon, Portugal

From Porto, we headed to Lisboa!

<@ Alfama, the oldest district in Lisbon>

While I was researching on Lisbon restaurants, 100 Maneiras  was recommended by a lot of people for it’s reasonably priced 10 course meal. It’s one of Lisbon’s most hyped and trendy restaurants.  About a month prior to arriving, I sent an email to the restaurant to reserve a table.

100 Maneiras is located in Barrio Alto, the city’s vibrant nightlife quarter with many restaurants, bars, clubs and traditional Fado houses.

The restaurant is small and cozy and the atmosphere was unpretentious.

The bread was served in a linen bag!

cod fish clothesline.. so innovative! The cod fish was dehydrated so it was crispy (like chips).  This presentation reminded me of the traditional apartments with clothelines hung on the balcony in the Alfama district. Apparently, this was where the chef drew his inspiration from.

gazpacho, dehydrated orange, comfit duck roll and plum sauce… reminded me of crispy spring roll!  Both the gazpacho and the roll had a tinge of spiciness..

marinated sardine, basil and tapenade toast, passion fruit picada… the passion fruit sauce went well with the sardine.

sautéed scallops, mashed peas, lime and bacon.. the scallops were fresh.. and the mashed peas went well with the bacon..

grilled pita with fresh salmon, avocado and lime… it was ok… but we weren’t expecting pita as a course!

sautéed fish of the day on a prawn and crab meat risotto…The risotto was a standout!! It had such a strong seafood taste without it tasting fishy and the risotto was al dente.

palate cleanser: mint and basil sorbet with champagne foam..

lamb tenderloin in a pistachio crust with aubergine and potato…  I don’t like lamb cause most of the time it tastes gamey but this was an exception!!!! The lamb had no gamey taste and was sooooooo tender! The chewy pistachio crust went well with the contrasting texture of the meat.

strawberries and champagne.. this was very refreshing..

fake cheesecake...This is a deconstructed cheesecake and it tasted heavenly!

The taste of this meal and presentation exceeded my expectations and 40 euros for this 10-course tasting menu… fantastic!!


100 Maneiras

R. do Teixeira 35
1200 Lisboa, Portugal
210 990 475


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