Maison des Gateaux – Gaia, Portugal

We found a pastry shop a few doors down from the traditional café.

I had to go in to get some pastel de nata!

The Portuguese loves pastries so you’ll see pastry shops everywhere!

This  pastel de nata was less custard-y and not as sweet.  The crust was very crispy!

almond sticks..very flaky and crispy!


Maison des Gateaux

Rua de Cândido dos Rei, 29s;  Gaia, Portugal


One response to “Maison des Gateaux – Gaia, Portugal

  1. Luiz Alberto Cavalheiro

    A Pastelaria do Amigo Armindo faz delicias inimagináveis, de saores idescritiveis. Só visitando voce pode compreender.
    Armindo entre em contato com Luiz e Désia Cavalheiro – Brasil, estamos com saudades.

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