Casa Rubio – Cordoba, Spain

We went to Cordoba to visit the Mezquita, a former Visigothic Christian church turned mosque and which is now a Catholic Cathedral!

<inside the Mezquita>

After visiting the Mezquita, our guide recommended Casa Rubo.. which is a Michelin Guide – recommended restaurant!



huevo con pisto (fried egg with vegetables)…  the vegetables are like the veggies from minestrone soup…

grilled squid

japuta adobo (fried marinated fish)…. we didn’t like this dish because the batter was so thick and the fish was tasteless..

rabo toro (braised oxtail with potatoes)… Cordoba is in a region of Spain called Andalusia and oxtail is a specialty in their cuisine.  The oxtail is marinated and then cooked till the meat falls off the bone! Delicious!

Casa Rubio

C/ Puerta de Almodóvar, 3
14003 Cordoba, Spain
957 420 853

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