Euskal Etxea – Barcelona, Spain

It was Sunday and the Picasso Museum has free admission every Sunday after 3pm! We decided to have a late lunch before going because just a few door down from the museum is Euskal Etxea.

Euskal Etxea was one of the first places to introduce the tapas culture in Barcelona and it serves Basque food.. so it’s called pinxtos instead of tapas.

Displayed throughout the bar are all sorts of bread with toppings on top, held together by a toothpick. You get a plate and just pick whatever catches your eye! You don’t need to pay yet cause when you’re done, the waiter will count your toothpicks and total up the amount.

1st round (clockwise from top): jamón serrano; anchovy, pepper and some thing mixed with mayo; smoked salmon; imitation crab with mayo

I forgot what these were…

grilled squid… it just came out of the kitchen and the servers went around asking if we wanted something hot from the kitchen!

the anchovy, pepper and some thing mixed with mayo bread and imitation crab with mayo were so good we had to get seconds!

and thirds!

I like this type of self-serve tapas bar cause it’s more laid back and there was a huge variety of different bread! We kept on eating and eating and ended up with 24 toothpicks! Each toothpick is 1.8 euros and the bill came up to nearly 40 euros!  However, dad was grumbling afterwards that this was such an expensive meal and all he ate was bread!


Euskal Etxea

Placeta de Montcada, 1-3 (Barcelona).
Tel: 933 300 303

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