Casa Lucas – Madrid, Spain

Our favourite restaurant in Madrid would be Casa Lucas, a tapas bar in La Latina.  We ate there for lunch and dinner the next day!

We got there early both times and it wasn’t opened yet! It opens at 1pm for lunch and 8pm for dinner. The following is a compilation of what we ate both days:

complimentary tapas! sausage on bread!

Serrano ham croquettes…  fried to order! The batter was very thin and the filling was moist and creamy.

L: Madrid: scrambled egg with blood sausage… the blood sausage was more like minced beef and it was so juicy..

R: Ratatouille topped with fried quail egg and crispy ham

Calamari with squid ink mousse…The calamari was served whole, then it was cut up in front of us and mixed with the squid ink mousse.  This was so good we ordered it again on the 2nd day.  The mousse really accentuates the freshness of the calamari.

creamy risotto with boletus, fresh foie gras and poached egg… this is the best risotto ever cause it has all my favourite food in it: boletus, foie and poached egg! The server cut up the foie and egg in front of you and mix it all up. Each mouthful of the risotto was bursting with the strong taste of foie and the lighter boletus flavour!


chicken marinated in soy/sesame sauce, topped with corn mousse….. the chicken was pretty good and tasted like my mom’s chicken but it was the corn mousse that was note-worthy.  It’s like my favourite corn soup but in a mousse!

squid ink cannelloni, stuffed with seafood and vegetable curry, topped with creamy cheese sauce…weird combination but it worked!

octopus carpaccio with mashed potatoes and bacon… fresh octopus! I guess they used bacon fat in the sauce.. which is why the sauce was so good!

my brother ordered a sherry and I had a sip…. it was really sweet!

At the end of our 2nd meal there, we got free dessert wine!!!! Thanks Casa Lucas!

Unlike other tapas bars I passed by in La Latina, which was filled with people, Casa Lucas offers a more cosy and intimate atmosphere with a small bar and 4-5 tables.  The staff remembered us on the 2nd day and even remembered what we ordered before! We unanimously agreed that Casa Lucas is our favourite tapas bar in Madrid….. creative yet delicious food, great service and atmosphere and a good value (around 70 euros for a meal for 4 people with drinks).


Casa Lucas

Cava Baja 30, Madrid


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