Txirimiri – Madrid, Spain

I’ve been soooo behind with my postings! After the trip to Bali, I still had 2 weeks of school before my month of summer vacation and in that time frame, there was Hong Kong’s first Dining week! For my summer holiday, I went back to Vancouver and ate a lot and then it was off to Spain and Portugal for 3 weeks! I just came back and I’m too excited to blog about Spanish tapas so HK Dining Week and Vancouver Guu’s will have to come later!

Before the Spain/Portugal trip, I spent a great deal of time on chowhound forums researching on great local eats and thanks to all the netizens who posted, all the restaurants I tried were supereb!

Our first meal in Spain was at Txirimiri, a Basque-style tapas bar.  It’s a very popular place for locals and is off-the-beaten path.. even a customer asked us how we found this place!

Tapas are small snacks to accompany drinks and is usually a single serving.  Spaniards like to tapas crawl, hopping to different tapas bars to different specialties, but on this trip we never hopped cause we wanted to go down the entire menu!

Spaniards tend to eat late, with lunch times from 1-4ish pm and dinner starting from 8pm (but most tapas bars start to get busy around 9pm).  We’re so not used to eating dinner so late!

olives to accompany beer

croquetas de boletus, trufa y jamon (croquettes with truffle and ham).. this is a tapas staple.. it’s basically mashed potatoes mixed with truffle and ham and then fried… yumm

hamburguesa unai con salsa boletus (battered deepfried steak mince seasoned with citrus and served on bread with a sweet balsamic reduction)…the steak was melt-in-mouth texture and the sauce was delicious..seafood risotto…it had so much sauce and was very flavourful!

solomillo de buey con foie (steak and foie gras with cranberry/cherry and onion sauce)…. this was amazing! the steak was soooo tender and the foie gras melted in my mouth!

lasagna crujiente de pato (lasagna with duck)…. this was so good we ordered 2 plates! The pasta was crispy and in between each layer is tender duck meat..tortilla (Spanish omelette).. this is a tapas staple and has potato inside.. however, this version also has caramelized onions!

salmorejo (cold tomato soup)...another tapas staple.. it’s very refreshing to have cold soup in the hot weather!

guacamole and tuna….

The first meal in Spain was amazing and set the tapas curb quite high! Although this was just tapas, the bill came to exactly 100 euros! sorta expensive but the food was delicious!



Calle del General Diez Porlier 91, Madrid


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