Estado Puro @ Hotel NH Paseo del Prado – Madrid, Spain

From El Brillante, we walked up Paseo del Prado to Estado Puro, which is located directly opposite of the Prado Museum.

Estado Puro is a modern tapas bar that is headed by Paco Roncero, who was mentored by El Bulli’s Ferran Adrià.  El Bulli had been the world’s #1 restaurants 5 times and Adrià is considered one of the world’s best chef and the most creative.  Estado Puro’s logo is the filigree mantilla combs, which is decked out all over the walls and ceilings.We ordered a pitcher of sangria to cool down from the heat.  This was probably the best sangria of this trip cause other places skimp out of the fruits but not here!

21st century Spanish omelette… this is a deconstructed version of the traditional tortilla..underneath a topping of creamy, foamy potato there was raw egg and sautéed onion.  This dish was “inspired” by Roncero’s stint at El Bulli as this was created by Adria in 1998. Although the deconstructed tortilla tastes nothing like the traditional tortilla, this version is equally, if not, more amazing.  The potato foam and raw egg made this dish lighter than its counterpart.

potato cubes topped with caviar….Yum! The sauce and caviar makes plain potatoes into little gourmet wonders!

mini burgers… The mini beef patty was soo tender and juicy!

I really liked the food and interior decoration of Estado Puro.  This will probably be the closest I’ll get to El Bulli (since it was closed down in July) and the deconstructed tortilla is one of the best tapas I tried on this trip! Estado Puro is certainly worth it despite its expensiveness (3 tapas and sangria = 38 euros).


Estado Puro @ Hotel NH Paseo del Prado

Plaza Canovas del Castillo 4, Madrid, 28014


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