Chocolatería San Ginés – Madrid, Spain

I planned our first full day in Madrid around food and in one day, we ate at 6 different places! Our first stop was breakfast at Chocolatería San Ginés and the lineup was round-the-corner!

 Chocolatería San Ginés has been in existence since 1894 and many celebrities, including royalties, politicians, singers, actors, models have visited and their photos are all plastered on the walls.  Why is it so famous? It’s because they serve the best chocolate con churros (churros with hot chocolate)!

Can you believe this? Spaniards eat this for breakfast!  The churros, fried till crispy, is dipped into the thick dark hot chocolate! Yummm! This was so good that on our last day in Madrid, we ate here before going to dinner!


Chocolatería San Ginés

Pasadizo de San Ginés, 11
28013 Madrid, España
Phone: 913 656 546


One response to “Chocolatería San Ginés – Madrid, Spain

  1. you updated!!! ….this looks delicious.

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