Ibu Oka – Bali, Indonesia

One of the must-visit restaurants in Ubud is Ibu Oka, famous for its babi guling (roast pig).

Ibu Oka is even recommended by Anthony Bourdain of “A Cook’s Tour,” who said that it’s the best pig he’s ever had! Watch the video below.. Ibu Oka segment appears at 11:42.


There’s an outdoor seating area and a covered-yet-opened eating area.  Even though it was so hot and none of the fans were moving, I quite liked the whole “eating-like-a-local” concept.

Locals and tourists alike come here for the famous babi guling! The pig is stuffed with spices and roasted in an open fire.

Babi guling… the meat was very tender and the gamey taste was overridden by the spices.

Babi guling skin… this was such a disappointment.. the skin wasn’t crispy and it was so tough to chew…

and the largest coconut I’ve ever drank from!

Because everyone said that Ibu Oka has the best babi guling, we had high expectations….this roast pig can’t even compare to the Chinese roast suckling pig (with tender meat and crispy skin).

FAIM? non non

Ibu Oka

Jalan Sweta, Ubud, Bali (opposite of the Royal Palace)


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