Café Wayan – Bali, Indonesia

We decided to try Café Wayan for dinner as it serves Indonesian dishes and a reportedly delicious chocolate cake!

Like Bebek Bengil, the restaurant is composed of many open-huts with cushions instead of chairs (and you have to sit cross-legged).

special spring rolls (egg rolls filled with chicken, prawns and vegetables served with peanut sauce)

Nasi Goreng Chicken (Wayan’s style mixed fried rice with chicken, eggs and vegetables)

Balinese special (pepes tuna, pork satay, seafood fritter, grilled chicken, prawn in Balinese sauce, long bean sprouts in cocopeanut sauce)

Nasi Goreng Seafood (fried rice mixed with vegetables, prawn, tuna and squid served with shrimp crackers)

Bakmi Goreng Chicken (fried noodles mixed with chicken and eggs topped with torn chicken breast)

We also ordered the chicken satay which was sooooo good! It was well marinated, grilled and was extremely tender!

Death by Chocolate cake…..This is what Cafe Wayan is famous for.. yet I couldn’t taste the specialness of it.  It tasted just like a regular chocolate cake.

This was a great dinner.. the food had great flavour and the portions were generous too!


Café Wayan 

Monkey Forest Road, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia


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