Bebek Bengil (Dirty Duck) – Bali, Indonesia

For dinner on the 2nd night, we decided to try Bebek Bengil, home of the original crispy duck!

The restaurant is comprised of a main building and many open huts and surrounding it is a rice paddy!  Good thing it was quite cool at night because there’s no fans in the huts!

Bebek Bengil Crispy Duck  (Half a duck steamed in Indonesian spices and then fried for a crispy finish, accompanied with Indonesian vegetables).. this was soooo good! The duck was crispy, not too oily and didn’t have too much fat. The accompanying vegetables didn’t look spicy at all but it was so spicy!

Gado Gado (blanched mixed vegetables, tofu, and fried shrimp crackers served with a sweet peanut sauce)…. I love the peanut sauce (it’s kind of like the satay sauce) but it’s so fattening! Hidden somewhere within the vegetables is a chili pepper.. which I accidentally ate and half my mouth got numbed. I was scared of Gado Gado after this experience!

Chicken Satay….tender meat and delicious peanut sauce!

BBQ pork ribs.. extremely tender!

Duck Fried Rice… very tasty! It sort of reminds me of the Portuguese duck rice..

We really liked the crispy chicken so we decided to eat here again on our last night in Ubud! This time, we wanted to try the smoked duck, which required an order at least a day in advance .

Balinese smoked duck (a whole duck traditionally smoked in spices and wrapped in leaf)… We thought this smoke duck would wow us but we were somewhat disappointed.  Although you could taste the spiced-up meat, but the gamey taste still showed through.  On a positive note, the meat was unbelievably tender.

The food is delicious but don’t expect service here…You’re sitting in your own hut eating away and when you need a waiter, you need to walk around to the other huts to find someone!


Bebek Bengil (Dirty Duck) 

Jalan Hanoman and Monkey Forest Road




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