Batan Waru – Bali, Indonesia

For dinner the first night in Ubud, the hotel recommended Batan Waru (it’s also recommended by the Eyewitness travel guidebook).

Each dish cost around 5-6 USD but the portions are quite small!

Pepes Ikan Laut (fresh tenggin fish fillet with Balinese paste of thirteen spices, roastedin banana leaf)…the fish wasn’t tender..

Udang Lado Hijau (tiger prawns simmered in Sumatran mild green chilli sauce)… too spicy!

sautéed watercress

Ayam Rica (grilled boneless chicken, simmered in Manadonese chilli, shitake mushroom and coconut milk sauce)….  this was my favourite dish! The chicken was tender and the sauce was so coconutty!

Kue Dadar (Pandanus-scented rice crepes with coconut and palm sugar filling)…  this was pretty good.. but for some reasons, the coconut filling reminded me of some sort of meat…..

Bintang beer…not strong at all!

Out of all the restaurants I’ve tried in Bali, Batan Waru has the best service; the servers were attentive, efficient and friendly. I haven’t tried Cafe Lotus (even though it’s recommended by the guidebook also) because I passed by it and it seemed to be very touristy.


Batan Waru

Jalan Dewi Sita Street, Ubud


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