The New Bohemian – Vancouver

So I’m back in Vancouver for Easter and reading week…. time to relax, eat and charge up before exams!

My friend took me to try The New Bohemian in Kitsilano for dinner because she said “no more Ajisai!”

The decor is very trendy.. à la Yaletown.. something we don’t really see in Kitsilano.  We got there around 6:15pm and it was empty!  This wasn’t even a game night!

We got the yam fries with chipotle dip for appetizer.  The fries were cut thinly and had the right amount of salt.

I ordered the Heart of Palm Salad (fresh mango, papaya, shaved cabbage slaw, bell peppers, avocado, basil, mint, crispy chick peas and a spiced-roasted peanut vinaigrette).  The only thing I liked about this was the vinaigrette.  There were way to much chick peas and not enough avocado and papaya.

My friend ordered the Spanish Fish Tacos (three soft corn tortillas stuffed with whitefish, shredded iceberg, pico de gallo, guacamole, pickled red onion and served with salsa verde, bean dip and tortilla crisps). The tacos were soggy but the grilled fish was yummy (juicy and was grilled nicely).

FAIM? oui oui!

The New Bohemian

3162 W Broadway., Vancouver BC
Tel: (604)736-7576


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