Tong Kee 堂記腸粉專門店 – Hong Kong

After our failed attempt to go to Tong Kee last month, we succeeded this time around!

photo credit: openrice

Tong Kee is famous for its made-to-order rice rolls!  There’s usually a really long wait because it takes more than 20 minutes to make an order of rice roll!  As you can see, there’re hardly any tables so we got there right at 7pm (when it opens)!

Top L: rice roll with fish slice, shrimp and parsley                                                                Top R: rice roll with pig liver and duck                                                                        Bottom L: rice roll with beef and shrimp                                                                      Bottom right: rice roll with preserved sausage

My favourite rice rolls would be the fish+shrimp and pig liver+duck ones because other restaurants don’t have this combination.  The fish was very soft and the shrimp was large and bouncy.. this combination, along with the parsley, made this rice roll very fresh and “light.”  The duck liver was chewy (but not too hard) and the duck had a really strong flavour.  Most importantly, the rice roll was very thin and soft.. it practically melts in your mouth!

I like! Yummy rice rolls and cheap price! $71HKD for 4 rice rolls!


Tong Kee 堂記腸粉專門店
26 Man Wui Street, Jordan
Tel: 2710 7950



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