Butao Ramen 豚王 – Hong Kong

Hong Kongers like to line up… whether for limited edition McDonald’s toys or for food…. and I, unfortunately, like to go eat where there are lineups!  Butao Ramen is a hole-in-the-wall Ramen shop in Central that opened late last year and is known for its 1.5 hr line up.

Last month, my fellow foodie adventurer and I decided to go at 4pm to avoid the dinner rush lineup. We got there and all 200 bowls were sold out! This time, I decided to get there when it opens!

We got there at 11:15am (Butao opens at 11am) and we still had to wait for half an hour!

While waiting, the server gave each of us a sheet of paper, which had the remaining number of ramen bowls left written on the lower left hand corner! It was a checklist of what type of ramen you wanted, whether you wanted your soup to have a light/normal/strong taste, whether you wanted your noodles to be soft/chewy and what extra toppings you wanted to add.

Left (top and bottom): 豚王 – the basic pork bone broth ramen (78 HKD) .. This was the best ramen I’ve ever tasted! I’m a udon kind of girl so I’ve never had a bowl of ramen which made me crave for more.   The ramen was of the thin type and was quite chewy (I ticked “normal”).  The soup was extremely flavourful and not salty at all, even though I ticked “intense” for my soup base.  The “cha siu” wasn’t too lean nor too fat. This is the best ramen I have ever tasted!

right: 黑王 – Pork bone broth with squid ink (88 HKD)… my friends ordered this and they said the taste was a bit too strong.

I guess our faces showed pure ecstasy when we were eating because a New York Times photographer was taking pictures of us !   Haha.. I do hope our pictures get published! I would definitely lineup again for another bowl of ramen.. so worth the wait!


Butao Ramen 豚王

Wo On Building, 8-13 On Lane Street, Central

Opens from 11am.. and until all 200 bowls of ramen are sold!


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