Hong Kong University Alumni Association 香港大學校友會 – Hong Kong

My clinical group’s ortho tutor treated us to dinner at the Hong Kong University Alumni Association!

R: Pig’s lung almond soup.. This was my 1st time drinking this type of soup and I like it! There’s a strong almond taste and aroma and the soup was creamy.. which kinda reminded me of the almond dessert soup.  I didn’t eat the pig’s lung… I guess after living in Hong Kong for 2 and half years, I’m still not adventurous enough to eat innards.

Top L: salted chicken.. the meat was very tender and had the right amount of saltiness..

Top R: lotus leaf rice…. this is my favourite type of rice (apart from fried glutinous rice)! The rice had a faint lotus aroma, was cooked to the right texture (not too mushy) and very flavourable!

Lower L: pan-fried fish stuffed with fish paste.. The presentation of the fish was very interesting! I guess they removed the meat from the fish, then stuffed it with fish paste and then fried it?  Anyhoo.. this was really good! The fish skin was very crispy and the fish paste wasn’t “fishy”!

Lower R: deep-fried shrimp toast:  Compared to the other shrimp toast I had elsewhere, this one wasn’t as oily! However, it wasn’t as crunchy as I would have liked it.

TL: pan-fried milk with crab… i thought it tasted like pan-friend egg white..

TR: sweet and sour pork..this version was very sweet….

LL: steamed beef patty with dried tangerine peel… I like the tangerine flavour but I think my mom’s beef patty is more “bouncy”

LR: assorted vegetables with tofu and vermicelli.. I guess I ate too much of this dish during Chinese New Year to really enjoy this…

There’s still 2 years before I become an alumni and by the way the food tasted that night, I can’t wait to join the associated when I become and alumni!

Thanks Dr. Lee for treating us to dinner!


Hong Kong University Alumni Association   香港大學校友會

Room 101, Yip Fung Building, 2 D’Aguilar Street, Central

Tel: (852) 2522 7968


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