Miku Restaurant – Vancouver

Another downtown hot spot is the Japanese restaurant, Miku. This was actually my 2nd lunch of the day… my 1st lunch was at Italian Kitchen, just 1 hour before!

Miku is famous for their aburi style sushi in which the sashimi is flame-seared and served with toppings and  sauces.. so of course, we had to order that..

Aburi Select (Chef’s selection of aburi, roll & oshi sushi)… This was the 1st time I had aburi and I fell in love.  I can’t really put into words because I was in a food coma.  Every time I took a bite, fireworks exploded in my mouth! Each sushi is paired with different condiments and sauces that somehow complemented each other and left me in my euphoric state.  It’s simply amazing.

Red Wave Roll (snow crab & avocado wrapped in maguro & topped with masatake sauce)… again.. my taste buds had a party! the sauce was soooooo good!

Special of the Day: Monkfish Liver…. my bff doesn’t eat raw fish, let alone fish innards, but for some reason, she wanted to order this.  I think it’s because our waiter was so attentive and enthusiastic, she couldn’t say no when the waiter  said that the monk fish was flew in from Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market and that the head chef will personally put it together for us.  When the dish arrived, she was shocked to find out it was monk liver.  I thought that it would taste fishy but it didn’t! and my friend actually liked it (especially when she soaked it with the sauce!)

I really like Miku because the food tastes amazing and it’s presented in such an aesthetically-pleasing way.  Definitely a place I would revisit (when I’m not broke!)


Miku Restaurant

#2-1055 West Hastings Street

Vancouver, BC V6E 2E9
(604) 568-3900


2 responses to “Miku Restaurant – Vancouver

  1. Haha, I didn’t hear the liver part. AND, we can’t go back…after the tip HAH.

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