The Press Room – Hong Kong

After lunching at the Press Room back in May, I’ve been wanting to go back to try the famous lobster risotto. I finally went because dad’s in town with his wallet.. haha!

I had the onion soup gratinee again cause it’s that good..

and the large portion of the lobster risotto!  There were generous chunks of lobster. yes chuncks.. not strands!  However, the chef used a bit too much wine (?) to remove the seafood-y taste, which resulted in the risotto being to alcohol-y tasting…..

my dad ordered the dinner set (appetizer or dessert and an entrée for 260 hkd)..

escargots… was ok but not garlic-y enough…  it would be better if there’s mashed potatoes lining the bottom, which could soak up the escargots’ essence ..

the hanger steak

which came with THE Press Room FRIES!

The fries were AMAZING as usual, crispy and not too oily..  even my dad says the fries were the best he had tasted in a while.  The sautéed spinach was nothing special…

I wasn’t too amazed with the famous lobster risotto….. I think I’ll come back here just for their fries and onion soup!

and.. a bit of comment about their service.. we made a reservation for 6pm.. and they wouldn’t let us in until 6:15pm because the dining room wasn’t “ready yet”.. yeah right..


The Press Room

108 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 2525 3444


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