Clipper Lounge @ The Mandarin Oriental

My friends and I had wanted to try the chocolate buffet at the Mandarin Oriental hotel since February! 8 months later and more than 4 cancellations later, we finally went!

Instead of a chocolate-only buffet with savouries and scones, it is now a dessert buffet.

The buffet also has chocolate fondue!

Hot Spicy white chocolate drink!

Like the regular afternoon tea set, there’s also scones with rose petal jam and Devonshire cream. However, there’s only 2 sandwiches: smoked salmon and ham and 2 savouries: quiche and a sausage roll. Both the quiche and sausage roll were flaky! Yumm! I didn’t like the sandwiches, I prefer those from the regular afternoon tea set.

For some reason, I prefer having the MO afternoon tea @ Café Causette instead of at the Clipper Lounge.  Maybe it’s because the servers are more attentive and friendlier at the Café or that the teapots are shinier and newer?

On an other note, guess who tea-ed beside us?  Pansy Ho!  balling! haha


Clipper Lounge @ The Mandarin Oriental

M/F, Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong, 5 Connaught Road Central

Tel:(852) 2825 4007




2 responses to “Clipper Lounge @ The Mandarin Oriental

  1. The HK Mandarin Oriental Hotel is a little far for me to get to. I am not sure if all their hotels offer the same dining facilities and experiences. If they do, I will certainly try out their Las Vegas location in December.

  2. Hey Uncle Sam!
    Thanks for still reading my blog! Have fun in Vegas and if you do go for their afternoon tea, tell me how it is!
    o! and see you tomorrow!

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