Lo Chiu Vietnamese Restaurant 老趙越南餐廳 – Hong Kong

After going to Vietnam, my parents and I were craving to eat authentic Vietnamese food and somehow, they ended up mentioning Lo Chiu.  Lo Chiu has been at Jordan for more than 20 years and it’s so authentic that my parents’ friend, a Vietnamese immigrant, ate there regularly.

I dragged my friends (again) on an eating adventure! Even though I’m a walking GPS, I didn’t know where Lo Chiu was because it’s not near the Jordan MTR station.  We ended up meeting at Elements and walked to the restaurant.  Apparently, the area is quite sketchy.. o! the places I go for food!

We ordered:

beef and chicken satay… i love love love love this sauce! it’s so thick and peanuty! It’s different from the Malaysian/Singaporean/Thai satays because the meat is sliced thinner and the sauce is drizzled onto the skewers instead of having to dip.

chicken salad… has a hint of chili oil .. pretty good

chicken curry…it smelled really fragrant! I didn’t have a lot because it was quite spicy but my friends really liked it and said the taste was really strong (and with a lot of coconut)

garlic bread…very garlic-y and crispy!

crab cake… consisting of crab, fish meat, fungus, bean sprouts and parsley? I like! The different tastes blended together and the texture was very bouncy.

I really like Lo Chiu and next time, I have to try my mom’s favourite mixed noodles!


Lo Chiu Vietnamese Restaurant   老趙越南餐廳

25-27 Man Yuen Street, Jordan, Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 2384 2143 / 2384 4029


One response to “Lo Chiu Vietnamese Restaurant 老趙越南餐廳 – Hong Kong

  1. loved the satay skewers~ ohhhhhh

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