Guu @ Thurlow – Vancouver

I love going to Guu @ Thurlow because it’s in the middle of Robson and the food’s “guud”!!

The lunch menu at Guu is completely different than its dinner menu because they mainly serve donburi (rice bowls) rather than tapas.

I usually order

the “KARA-AGE” Bowl (Deep-Fried Chicken) because the chicken is tender and there’s plenty of egg broth  for me to mix the rice in!

However this time, my friend ordered the kara-age and I decided to try:

the Clam bowl… There were a lot of clams (every spoonful of rice had clams in it) but it was a bit salty (over seasoned?) .. even though the rice had spice seasoning, I finished the whole bowl cause it was that tasty!


Guu @ Thurlow

838 Thurlow St
Vancouver, BC V6E1W2
(604) 685-8817


One response to “Guu @ Thurlow – Vancouver

  1. clams with mushroom?

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