Guu @ Aberdeen – Richmond, Vancouver

My foodie cousins took me to Guu @ Thurlow way back when it opened in the early 2000’s and it has been one of my favourite restaurants ever since! I’ve also been to Guu @ Gastown but have yet to try the Guu @ Aberdeen.  Since my friend works at Aberdeen, I suggested eating at Guu!

This Guu is roomier and larger than the other Guus..

Beef Tongue All Stars $8.00 (Marinated Grilled Beef tongue; Smoked Beef Tongue; Beef Tongue with Tsukune sauce)..The beef tongue was deeply marinated and the meat was tender! Of all 3 cooking styles, I couldn’t pick one which I liked more!

baked black cod with miso mayonnaise…it was ok but the one at Thurlow has a stronger miso taste..

Pumpkin croquette… one of the guu original’s! There’s an egg inside the croquette!

Ahi Tuna Steak..i was disappointed with this because the steak was sooooo tough, to the point that it was so hard to cut with a knife! To make it worse, the steak was over marinated and was so salty!

Seared beef tenderloin with mixed mushrooms and garlic mushroom sauce… the beef was so tender and juicy! The sauce was so “guu-d” I kept on dipping and mixing the mushrooms until it was soaked by the sauce!

Scallop Carpaccio… very fresh!

Deep fried eel with poached egg…. this was “guu-d”! We popped the egg to cover the eel with egg yoke and this made the deep-fried skin less dry!

This Guu is “guu-d” but I think I prefer Guu @ Thurlow because I like its cozier atmosphere and I think the food there is better executed.  I have previously mentioned in the Hapa Izakaya post that I missed Guu more than Hapa and I think the reason is that I prefer going to lively places and Guu is certainly lively, with all the waiters yelling out the orders to the kitchen!


Guu @ Aberdeen

#2790 – 4151 Hazelbridge Way
Richmond, B.C.


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