Phnom Penh – Vancouver

I’m not really fond of going to Chinatown because Richmond clearly trumps Chinatown in every way (the food, the environment etc); needless to say, I’m not a very happy camper when my parents insist we go to Chinatown for breakfast before grocery shopping. The only time I would insist on going to Chinatown is when I’m craving for Vietnamese food!

I used to go to Phnom Penh just for their Vietnamese dripping coffee and pho but after my trip to Cambodia/Vietnam, Phnom Penh holds a deeper meaning because it is also a Cambodian restaurant!

As usual, I ordered my cold vietnamese coffee and condensed milk!

it’s the best Viet coffee I’ve ever had.. until I went to Vietnam! But it’s still the 2nd best! It has such a rich coffee taste!

Beef pho…. I like the pho at Phnom Penh because the soup doesn’t have MSG and the beef balls are so bouncy!

I wanted to see if Phnom Penh is truly an authentic Cambodian restaurant and yes! i found Amok under the “Chef’s Recommendation!”  It was a seafood amok and was quite expensive $15.  I guess we were too spoiled in Siem Reap where amok is served in a little coconut  because we were shocked at how the amok was just served in a plain bowl! I thought the amok tasted pretty authentic but there wasn’t a lot of sauce.

I love Phnom Penh despite it being in the sketchy part of town.  It’s actually really famous and has won lots of food critic awards! There’s usually a long line-up if you don’t go early enough!


Phnom Penh
244 East Georgia Street
Vancouver, B.C.
(604) 682-5777


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  1. wow i wanna go!

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