Thomas Haas Patisserie – Vancouver

so i think i’ve finally gotten over my Mr. Haas fangirling.. cause i see him every time i go to the kitsilano store!

my friend and i decided to meet up @ T. Haas for afternoon tea…

champagne truffle: layers of champagne ganache between 3 layers of sponge cakes: chocolate, almond and hazelnut…. i had it before.. and it’s one of my favourite cakes!

pistachio sour cherry tart: shortbread crush, pistachio cream, sour and cognac cherries and light kirsch chantilly….. this was my first time trying and i love this tart! the pistachio cream isn’t sweet and the shortbread was so buttery!!

double baked almond croissant…… i’m more in love with this croissant than the one @ Robuchon cause it has more almonds!!! and the croissant is larger!

and 1 of the 5 cakes for my birthday was one from T. Haas! I picked it for myself hehe..

Cassis (Blackcurrant) Chocolate Mousse cassis mousse, chocolate pot de creme, soft vanilla cake, and a shortbread base

in all honesty, i didn’t like the cake after the first bite because it was so sour!!! but after a couple of bites, the cake grows on you…  cause with every bite of rich chocolate, there’s a cassis mousse which lightens the palate…

but not everyone enjoyed the cake……… o well… i liked it 🙂


Thomas Haas Patisserie

2539 West Broadway Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6K2E9

Tel: (604) 736-1848


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