Tenku Bakudanyaki – Richmond, Vancouver

everyone’s been talking about eating this gigantic takoyaki (japanese octopus ball) and the place you get this is from this trailer parked in a Richmond parking lot!!!

i entered the “address” into the GPS and I still couldn’t find it!!! So after driving around.. I finally found it! along with 2 other trailers which sell ramen and sushi!!

since this was right before dinner, the 4 of us decided to share 1 original takoyaki ( mayo + sauce) for 500 cents…. (i don’t think i’ve ever seen $5 as 500 cents)

it comes in a take-out box!!!

i didn’t really like this “gigantic takoyaki” because the skin’s really thick… but mainly because i didn’t get to eat the filling because my brother ate it all!  The sauce is pretty good.. if it were’t for the sauce, I don’t think I would have finished the thick doughy skin!


Tenku Bakudanyaki

8740 Charles St
Richmond, BC


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