Sun Kee 新記餐廳

my foodie aunt wanted to take me to Star Cafe but it’s closed on Sunday… so we ended up going to Sun Kee.  2 summers ago, my foodie aunt took my brother and I to the Sun Kee Wanchai branch but that branch has since closed.

Sun Kee is famous for the hk-version of mac-and-cheese.. which is instant  noodles mixed with a thick cheese sauce!!!!!!! A lot of hk celebrities ate at Sun Kee, so their pictures are plastered all over the walls!

cheesy instant noodles with grilled pork cheeks…. the grilled pork cheeks were very chewy and tasty! i guess the reason why I can tolerate and like this dish (considering i don’t like cheese) is because the cheese isn’t strong enough.. for cheese lovers, this dish might be considered too bland…

my aunt ordered the spicy beef rice with egg… she really liked it.. but it was too spicy for my liking!


Sun Kee   新記餐廳

Shop 13-14, G/F, 16-20 Kimberly Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui

Tel: (852) 2722 4555.


One response to “Sun Kee 新記餐廳

  1. that spicy beef rice looks really goood, its making me hungry haha i want to try their hk mac and cheeese too!!!!

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