South Beauty STEAM Restaurant – Shanghai

The purpose of the latest Shanghai trip was to visit 2010 World Expo but only ended up spending 4 hours there….. including lunch!!!

We wanted to get away from all the crowds in the Expo Pudong area, so after taking pictures of the outside of the pavilions, we headed over to the Puxi area (industrial pavilions)…

the concierge suggested that we try South Beauty, an upscale Sichuan chain restaurant.. however, I don’t think he knew that the South Beauty in Puxi was Steam, the healthier offspring……

we weren’t really hungry…. just wanted to have a seat after 3 hours of walking….

dan dan mian“…. extremely bland… not enough peanut sauce!

crispy sizzling rice with seafood topping …… the sauce was toooo sweet and the seafood wasn’t fresh! enough said…

we were soooooo disappointed with the lunch and with the supposed famous restaurant chain….  since we left expo after eating lunch, we should had lunch at ding tai fung!!

FAIM? non non non non non

South Beauty STEAM Restaurant

Shanghai Expo – Puxi area, Zone D


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