Jesse 吉士 – Shanghai

ok! back to my Shanghai eating adventures! During this trip, I ate at Jessie 3 times!!!  That is how much I love this restaurant!

as usual, there were a lot of people… a lot of people who didn’t make a reservation had to leave dejectedly 😦

i’m too lazy to make a separate post for each night cause we ordered a lot of repetitive dishes, so i’m just gonna to group it all together!


kao fu (braised wheat gluten)…… i just can’t get enough of it… it’s my favourite appetizer.. i order it for lunch and dinner! and the kao fu has gotten less salty than before… it’s healthier now!

jelly fish head in vinegar…. tastes the same as before, but there’s less jelly fish head 😦

Pidan dofu (tofu with century-old eggs and topped with chili oil and green onions)…. 1st time trying it at Jessie… I normally don’t like spicy food. but I could handle this chili oil.. I kept spooning more tofu!

Jishi’s salted chicken… delicious as usual.. but one complaint is that the chicken was chopped in a way where there were a lot of fractured chicken bone.. so we had to pick it out carefully…

stinky tofu.. this version is different from the ones in hk cause the tofu @ jessie has a crisp bean curd wrapping..

dates stuffed with glutinous rice.. yumm! it’s made to order so it’s all warm .. and sweet!


Stir-fried freshwater shrimp….THE SHRIMPS SHRUNK IN SIZE!!!! but it was still very sweet tasting…

fried “guai hua” fish and topped with sizzling soy sauce.. 1st time having this dish and I had it for all 3 nights! There’s no bones cause they debone it for you…. the fish was cooked just perfectly so the meat was tender and juicy..

xie fen fen pi… crab meat/roe with sheet jelly… 1st night!  not enough crab!

xie fen dou fu…crab meat/roe with tofu.. 2nd night! not enough crab again!!

stir-fried whole crab meat/roe.. 3rd night! finally ordered only crab meat/roe!  SOOOO RICH!!! I guess I was too greedy cause I ate spoonfuls upon spoonfuls of artery-clogging crab fat until I had to finally admit to defeat and surrendered the last spoonfuls of the crab meat/roe….

sauteed eel….I loved the sauce but found the eel to be too tiny….it’s like i’m not eating anything..

braised sea cucumber with shrimp roe… the sea cucumber shrunk!!!!!!! but on a positive note, the shrimp roe sauce is a lot less salty now…


chicken soup.. one of my favorite soup! they used an entire chicken, which is why the soup tastes so rich!


“ji mao cai” which is literally translated to “chicken feather vegetable”… apparently you can’t find it in HK… it’s like mini bok-choy… which is not one of my favourite vegetables…

ma lan tou ( finely chopped vegetables and tofu)….. again.. not my favourite vegetable


braised pork with bamboo shoots and cuttlefish… yummmmmmm…. it’s the only time i eat pork fat! the meat can be a bit more tender… but still, it’s the best braised pork (alongside Fu 1088 now)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE JESSIE! It’s so funny how the waiters are all like “ni men you lai!!” (you guys came again) and i’m like in my broken mandarin “shi yin wei zhen de hen hao chi” (cause it’s really delicious)…


Jesse 吉士 (Ji Shi)

No. 41, Tianping Road, Shanghai

Tel: +86-21-6282-9260


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