Marina Seafood Cuisine-Ngoc Suong Restaurant – Vietnam

since vietnam is well known for their seafood (especially king prawns), we decided to have seafood for our last night in vietnam.. so off we went to Marina!

and the food!

fish salad….. i love vietnamese salad because there’s rice paper for you to wrap the fillings in… like DIY burrito!

and tada!

i like this dish because it’s unique and you get to dip it in peanut sauce.. but the fish was tasteless…..

steamed tiger prawns in coconut….. i love the presentation!  Apart from being aesthetically pleasing site, the flame was used to keep the prawns warm! The prawns were sooo sweet… but I couldn’t really taste the coconut….

salt and pepper crabs…… omg…. i think this has to be the best crab ever… even better than the sri-lanka crabs i had in singapore! why? the crab was cooked perfectly so the meat was tender and with each bite, crab juice oozed out!!! I haven’t ever had crab with crab juice! and the meat was so fresh and sweet-tasting!

grilled king prawns with 2 flavours….. this was another 1st time…. live, swimming king prawns cause the ones in vancouver and hong kong are frozen…… and this was also one of the main reasons why dad wanted to go to vietnam.. live king prawns!!!! DELICIOUS!  tender and juicy meat!

the king prawns who were so unluckily picked……

clams cooked in french butter sauce….. amazing as well…. sweet, semi-fatty clams….. rich rich rich butter sauce… mom drank the sauce and had to take Zantac!

morning glory with oyster sauce…one of the vegetables that was always on the menu in cambodia was morning glory…. but since we didn’t know what it was, we never ordered it…  however, i insisted to try it on the last night of our trip… and morning glory turned out to be “tung choi”.. one of my favourite vegetables..  i missed out!!!

marina seafood is really good X 3! good price (70usd for 3ppl with fresh seafood!!!), good service (our waitress helped us remove the meat from the king prawn legs cause we didn’t know how to) and good food!


Marina Seafood Cuisine-Ngoc Suong Restaurant

172 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, District 3


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