Com Nieu Saigon – Vietnam

for our last meal in vietnam, we decided to try anther famous local restaurant, Com Nieu Saigon.

and what is it famous for? CON DAP!!! Con dap is rice cooked in a special clay pot…. the waiter will break the clay pot and throw the rice to another waiter to catch!!!

the clay pot waiting to be cracked…..

the first attempt……. the ceiling was low so the rice hit the ceiling and fell to the ground 😦

the waiter attempting the 2nd throw!!! perfect!

the final product… Con Dap!!!!  crispy rice accompanied by a scallion and sesame topping! I love it! I always scrape the bottom when i eat “bo zai fan” aka. claypot rice..  so i especially love this version cause i don’t have to do the scraping!  I was surprised that the topping was sweet… but it worked out pretty well!

we just had to have morning glory again!!!

and we also had to have king prawns again!!!  yummmm! sweet and sour version!

and to accompany these dishes, we ordered…

com nieu!!!!  rice cooked in earthenware-pot…. it’s soo good the restaurant named itself after it…. but i didn’t think it was as good or as special as com dap…

I’m so glad I visited this place because I just found out that Anthony Bourdain of “A Cook’s Tour” listed it as his favourite restaurant in Vietnam!


Com Nieu Saigon

19 Tu Xuong, District 3


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