Din Tai Fung 鼎泰豐 – Shanghai

just came back to HK from Shanghai! the purpose of our trip was to see EXPO but the trip turned out to be an eating trip…. AGAIN!

we got off the plane, put our stuff down @ the hotel and hurried over to the new DTF outlet @ the Portman Ritz Carlton..mom wanted to go our usual xintiandi outlet but they could no longer take reservations (nor could they help us “get a ticket before hand”.. unlike in october) BOO HOO

anyways.. the Portman DTF is on Nanjin Rd West.. so it’s even closer and within walking distance!

I opened the menu and freaked out! they have a greater variety of xiaolongbaos like:

black truffle and pork xiaolongbao!!!  (78RMB for 5)      this was extremely expensive… but worth the try! it’s simply amazing with the fresh taste and sweet aroma….


goose liver and chicken xiaolongbao!!!!! (78RMB for 5)   again.. quite expensive! but i like this more than the truffle xlb because of its strong goose liver taste! the xlb soup is goose liver essence.. enough said!

we also had the usual…

xie fen xiao long bao (meat with crab roe & meat)!!  i can say that the xiaolongbaos in Shanghai has the biggest pouch of soup (compared with taipei,singapore and hong kong) and the xie fen xlb is the freshest in Shanghai…. another reason for me to pig out!!

regular xiaolongbaos! look at how big the xlb is!!! it looks like it’s sagging!

prawn dumplings aka. siu mai… don’t really like it.. the skin is really thick and the only unique thing is that this siu mai has a pocket of soup!

drunken chicken! i love how the meat is so bouncy compared with the chicken in Vancouver.. and how well the chicken is marinated and soaked in the wine!

dan-dan mian…..  bouncy noodles… peanuty sauce…. yumm!

mini sesame paste buns! love love love! unlike the buns from bbq pork buns, this bun is light and bouncy (like cake)! and the sesame paste oozes out!

we also had the taro paste xiaolongbao but unfortunately.. it was way too sweet!

we also went back to the DTF in xintiandi.. and this is still our favourite outlet in Shanghai cause there’s better service.


Din Tai Fung 鼎泰豐

104A, Shanghai Center, 1376 Nanjing Road West


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