Roll – Hong Kong

I first heard about “Roll” from CNN Go.  They had an article about this bakery which specializes in different flavours of “swiss-roll”  .. yumm!

so after a not-so-full lunch @ lei garden TST.. ventured over to Grandville Road in search of Roll….

a close up on all the rolls! look at all the different varieties!

ordered the famous black sesame swiss roll and the green-tea swiss roll

they told us to eat the green-tea roll first as the black sesame roll has a really strong taste…

the green tea swiss roll was very fresh and light….. while on the other hand, the black sesame swiss roll had a very strong sesame taste…it tasted exactly like the black sesame dessert soup (which i love!)

apart from the tiny fact that the swiss roll was slightly pricey ($26!!!!)..the black sesame swiss roll deserves 10/10 for being inventive and tasty!!



A1, G/F Granville House, 41 C-D Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

Read more: Hong Kong Roll bakery: Hong Kong’s bakers du jour teach us how to roll a fat one |


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