Kam Shan Seafood Restaurant 金山海鮮酒家 – Hong Kong

my friends and i decided to celebrate a friend’s birthday with a seafood dinner.. so off we go to Kam Shan! Apparently, this restaurant is famous because they serve delicious seafood at a very reasonable price!

unfortunately, there were quite a few people who got food poisoning from shellfish, so we decided not to eat shellfish…

but we still ordered the stir-fried giant razor clams with black bean sauce! haha.. the clams were very sweet! usually i eat the small razor clams.. but now i like the large ones cause there’s more to eat!

deep fried mantis shrimp.. yummm.. but the shrimp could be meater..

“western-styled pork chops”.. delicious sweet sauce which goes well with rice and the pork chops were tender!

sautéed oysters in clay pot….the oysters tasted like fresh (i think it was frozen???) and juicy!

pan-fried fresh fish with vegetables…omg.. usually when i have this dish.. the restaurants usually give you crappy quality fish.. but not at kam shan! it’s from the fresh “swimming” fish from the tanks outside the restaurant!

sautéed vegetables with anchovies.. yummy anchovies.. and it wasn’t too salty!

kam shan is NOT-OVERATED! great food and great prices!


Kam Shan Seafood Restaurant 金山海鮮酒家

66 Woosung Street, Jordan, Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 2332 7366


One response to “Kam Shan Seafood Restaurant 金山海鮮酒家 – Hong Kong

  1. razzzzzzor clams! lol didn’t know they had such a cool name, so yummy! haha

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