Azabusabo 麻布茶房 – Hong Kong

after the 1st exam, a lot of my classmates went to star seafood restaurant for dimsum.. but my friends and i were like “we deserve better food after the exam!!!” so we went to Azabusabo for lunch!

i ordered to fried chicken with egg lunch set… i was surprised that the chicken was so good (cause i only thought they were famous for the sweet potato ice cream!) the chicken was tender and the egg wasn’t fully cooked.. so it was a bit liquidly, which was perfect for mixing it with the rice! and whatever the sauce they used, it was so tasty.. i managed to nearly finish my rice!

my friend ordered the japanese curry with beef with omurice!  i had a taste.. and it was my first time trying japanese curry and i like! it wasn’t spicy.. sorta sweet!

when you order 4+ sets, you get a free appetizer! the gomae wasn’t good.. not enough sesame sauce!

although the food was good, the service was horrible! instead of sitting outside in the mall (where all the customers sat), we were sitted inside.. and i guess the waitress forgot about us…. we had to call the staff @ the sushi bar to find our waitress! they also forgot about our set drinks until after we paid and reminded them….  and they didn’t clear our tables.. so there were no room to put the drinks!


Azabusabo 麻布茶房

F1 Fashion Island, Great George St., Causeway Bay


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