Morihachi Yakiniku 盛八日式燒肉店 – Hong Kong

yay! dad’s back in hk to make sure I’m well-fed during exam time… we went for japanese bbq after a very hard and tiring day of studying (for me)….

the interior deco is very authentic japanese…  (compared to other japanese bbq places like iroha)

the hsbc credit card has this “deal”.. where a originally $9XX set is now a $490 something set… it’s such a markup…

anyways.. we ordered that set…

first up is the sashimi salad.. pretty good! the sashimi was fresh! the sauce is kinda like the sauce @ ajisai..

another appetizer… scallops and turnip.. the scallops weren’t fresh.. and were mushy 😦

the set had: prawns, scallops, pork cheek, ribs, ox-tongue, thin cut fatty beef, and wagyu!!

yay! bbqing with cold sake!!!  the meat and seafood was really fresh! the wagyu was ok.. but it wasn’t the “melt-in-your-mouth” type… but my dad really liked the thinly-cut fatty beef.. so we order it again…

however, what came was the thick-cut fatty beef.. apparently they don’t have the thin cut on the regular menu… anyways.. the thick-cut wasn’t as good as there were a lot of unchewable fat……

the food @ morihachi is decent for the price.. but i wouldn’t come here for the wagyu…  dad was pretty happy during the meal.. but when the waitress kept on rushing us to pay at 7:10pm (we’re supposed to leave at 7:30pm..dining limit is 1.5 hours).. but dad got kinda annoyed and said that he’ll pay after we finish eating.. but the waitress was like.. you can pay now.. and then finish eating… dad got so pissed-off and said he wouldn’t come back cause the service is just horrible… ..


Morihachi Yakiniku   盛八日式燒肉店

3/F, Ying Kong Mansion, 2-6 Yee Wo Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


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