Milky Cow Frozen Yogurt- Hong Kong

sorry for being MIA.. it’s exam time.. i just had my first exam…. and my next exam is in 9 days.. so now i have time to blog before going back to studying!

the only thing keeping me going during this stressful period is fro-yo!!! there’s a new fro-yo place that just opened @ the end of may.. and it’s near my school!

yay! the first time i went, i had the medium mango/regular fro-yo with oreos… the mango fro-yo was too sweet…..

so.. my lunch for the past couple weeks………  large regular yogurt with a fruit topping.. and my own ALL-BRAN CEREAL! yup. this is me dieting.. haha.. i prefer the regular yogurt cause it’s not as sweet…

and tada! extra large yogurt!!!! milky cow only has s/m/l.. but since I had $50 so spend on my lunch (courtesy of a certain company).. i splurged on yogurt!! So i ordered a extra large yogurt ($35) and 3 toppings ($15)!  The lady (who i presume is the boss) was shocked.. and she was so nice to give me an extra 2 swirls on top of my extra large yogurt!  I was the 1st one to ever order a extra large..i’m so special!!!!haha

i love milky cow! i go there so often the lady asked if i lived around here. haha….. it’s definitely one of my fav yogurt place in town!


Milky Cow Frozen Yogurt

Shop D, G/F, 59-61 Bonham Road, Mid-Levels, Hong Kong


One response to “Milky Cow Frozen Yogurt- Hong Kong

  1. I live right by Milky Cow…eating one of the large ones right now. 🙂 I eat their yogurt almost every day too. hehe

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