Din Tai Fung 鼎泰豐 – Hong Kong

for dinner tonight with a family friend from Vancouver.. we went to DTF!!!  even though i’m such a die-hard DTF fan, i’ve only been to DTF 4 times! shocking! well, i just hate waiting in line (the lines are horrible.. once i waited for an hour) and they don’t take reservations!! plus.. they rush your meal.. everything arrives at the same time…. so for the last 3 times I ate there, my meals finished in less than an hour! and FYI… DTF Hong Kong has 1 Michelin star!!!

we got there at 6:30pm and yay! no line up yet!


kou fu: not as good today as before cause it wasn’t marinated well-enough… kinda bland..

drunken chicken: yummy! chewy chicken meat.. and marinated so well with the shanxi wine!

Vegetable/Pork Dumplings in soup…. meh.. not my thing. DTF is solely about xiao long baos!!.. but dad really likes it

Beef Brisket noodles… noodles soft, beef brisket soft… delicious!

fried rice with shrimp and eggs…. one of the dish we order each time… the rice is fried perfectly… not too oily and the texture of the rice grain is “shrimp like” aka.. not mushy…

xiao long baos!!!!! ordered 2X regular xlb and 2X crab roe xlb….  i’m still rooting for the crab roe xlbs.. it tasted fresh even though the crab season’s nearly half a year ago! you can never go wrong with the xlbs… it’s finely and uniformally made in all their branches!

i almost didn’t want to order dessert cause i was so stuffed already…. but.. i JUST HAD TO.. haha

i had to order the taro xiao long baos! mmm.. so good!!!!! round balls of taro stuffed in the thin xlb skins.. yummy!

i had to say no to ordering the black sesame buns.. next time!


Din Tai Fung  鼎泰豐

Shop 130, 3/F, Silvercord, 30 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong


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