Tonkichi Tonkatsu Seafood 丼吉日本吉列專門店餐廳 – Hong Kong

I’ve been wanting to go to Tonkichi Tonkatsu for their famous fried pork cutlet ever since I went to Butagumi Tonkatsu (豚組)… cause Butagumi was ok.. but Tonkichi was supposedly the best! however, i’ve heard that the lines are outrageously long (like 2 hrs long) and hence, i never went…

but! i had friends from vancouver so i took on the role of hk’s ambassador of food.. and this gives me the opportunity to go to tonkichi!

we went at 5:45pm (it opens at 6pm) and there was already a line-up (no reservations for fri/sat/sun dinner)… true to their word cause an actress was lining up in front of us!

anyways.. we got let in.. and they told us we only had 1hr and 15 minutes to eat.. no problemo! i eat fast!

like butagumi, we get to make our own sauce! I love DIY during dinner cause it can keep me occupied while i “patiently” wait for the food to come…  1) grind the sesame  and 2) add this sort of BBQ sauce until the consistency is to your liking

we ordered the 3 person set meal with pork cutlet, pork loin, prawns and oysters…. tonkichi is really worth the hype and the long lines cause the tonkatsu (fried pork) was sooooooo tender even after the frying..

butagumi.. STEP AWAY!

and like my friend said, the fried batter was just right.. not too starchy.. and quite light!

the prawns were fresh. and quite big.. but it’s the oysters that blew be away.. usually, the inside of fried oysters is sorta fried till it’s overcooked.. but the fried oysters @ tonkichi is fried just right so the inside is quite soft! yummmmm! and the oyster was really fresh!

the meal came with unlimited rice and shredded lettuce

and butagumi.. STEP AWAY AGAIN!

cause tonkichi has these 2 special sauce made to mix the shredded lettuce with ..

1) a sour seafood sauce (this was sooooooo good.. i think i’m going to mix vinegar, olive oil and seaweed together and use it as my salad sauce)

2) a sweet plum sauce

i had to ask for a veggies refill cause the sauce was that good!

by the time we left @ 7:10.. there was already a lot of people waiting outside.. HA.. IN UR FACE… jkjk…



Tonkichi Tonkatsu Seafood   丼吉日本吉列專門店餐廳

Room 412, Podium 4, World Trade Centre, 280 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


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