Burgeroom – Hong Kong

i was on openrice and burgeroom had pretty good ratings.. so my friends and i decided to check it out..

we went there before 7pm on a saturday night.. and guess wut? they were out of the buns!!! how could that happen? dinner should be the time when most people come and when they make money!

we wanted to try the portobello cheese burger but they couldn’t fit a portobello mushroom in the mini buns..so we settled with the mini classic burger and cheese fries!

the melted cheese fries… was very very cheesy… i’m not a big fan of cheese.. so i tried picking out the fries without cheese.. but they were all covered with cheese! great for cheese lovers!

the mini classic burger… i was really disappointed cause i really wanted to try the portobello cheese burger.. but once i had a bite of this classic burger.. my spirits were instantly lifted cause the classic burger’s reallly good! the beef patty’s tender, juicy and thick too!   and the mini classic burger is just the right size (not too big, not too small).. so if i had gotten the regular size burgers.. i don’t think i would have finished it!

this is definitely one of the best burgers in the city.. so i definitely have to come back to try the portobello cheese burger!



G/F, 7 Caroline Hill Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 2890 9130


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