Crumbs – Hong Kong

and continuing with the fro-yo craze in hong kong, a new one popped up in causeway bay called CRUMBS..

my friends had been raving on and on about the delicious crumbs topping … so i had to go!

ordered 2 toppings.. CRUMBS of course.. (it’s cookie crumbs with a cinnamon taste) and strawberries… mm

the yogurt is creamier than the others (so maybe it’s fatter?) and the crumbs were delicious! and i think it even beats the mochi topping!

and crumbs also sells scones..

i was feeling full…so i didn’t buy the scones (you have to buy @ least 3) but i did sample it.. and it was very buttery! for some reason, it didn’t taste like regular scones (maybe it’s too sweet?) and it tasted like a big fat cookie.. mmmm..i like..

and let me reiterate how good the yogurt is….. it was my friend’s 5th visit to crumbs that week…



Shop 1C, G/F, Central Mansion, 8 Cannon Street,Causeway Bay


One response to “Crumbs – Hong Kong

  1. I so agree with you that Crumbs is the best fro yo in HK so far. I just wrote a blog entry about desserts in HK and found your blog. Just thinking about crumbs makes me HUNGRY.

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