Mini Bangkok 小曼谷泰國美食 – Hong Kong

when my friends and i go to kowloon city, we would usually eat at 3 different places.. yes… 3 places! Islam Food, Mini Bangkok and a dessert place… and this is only for lunch!

we start of at Islam Food so by the time we get to Mini Bangkok, we are slightly full already… the reasons why we come here are:

grilled pork cheeks! my friend just told me why pork cheek is so good, it’s because it’s half fat/half meat.. o’s totally worth it… unlike regular pork meat, pork cheeks have a very springy texture! yumm! and the sauce used to marinate it is delicious… semi sweet.. semi salty..

satays!… yes.. the satay looks a bit weird cause we pieced that 3 different kinds of satay together after realizing i hadn’t taken a picture yet! from L – R: mushroom, chicken and beef.. they marinated it with tasty sauce and grilled it to a point of perfection (very tender)!

white/black glutinous rice topped with coconut milk and paired with mangoes…. this is heavenly! the rice hot,  mangoes sweet, coconut milk very milky.. yumm.. wonderful mixture of taste and textures!

more dessert! coconut pudding and green jelly! i really like the coconut pudding cause it was very coconutty!

and their fried clams are excellent! humongous clams!


Mini Bangkok 小曼谷泰國美食

No. 8-10 Nam Kok Rd., Kowloon City, Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 2716 7828


One response to “Mini Bangkok 小曼谷泰國美食 – Hong Kong

  1. I went there yesterday and to Islam today. Both great restaurants!

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