Mochi Cafe 萬豚屋 – Hong Kong

my foodie aunt took me to Mochi 2 years ago.. and i fell in love with udon! my love for udon is so deep, i mostly order udon for lunch @ the canteen! anyways, i decided to introduce my udon infatuation to my parents during this cny holiday.. and to see if they approve or not!

mochi is quite tiny.. and can fit around 30 people at one go.. so i’ve waited a couple of times (around 30 minutes each time)..the lineups do get really long! so get there early!

each time, i order the same.. hot pork udon… it’s served in a hot stone pot so it arrives in its bubbling glory.. perfect! since i like scorching hot food!

did i mention that the udon is HANDMADE? each udon is elastic and very chewy!!

and the pork.. it’s tres good.. the meat is so tender and the fat just melts in your mouth!!!!!

i was so engrossed in eating, i forgot to take a picture of the pork.. o well. here’s a half eaten pork.. perfect amounts of fat and meat!

my parents really liked it and totally approved of my infatuation! and my dad even ordered another one!

hot black sesame Kurobuta 黒豚 udon… the udon’s perfect as usual.. but the Kurobuta 黒豚 was such a disappointment… Kurobuta 黒豚 is a type of pork that is prized because of its juiciness and tenderness… this is not the case… i don’t think they used real Kurobuta 黒豚.. cause real Kurobuta 黒豚 is really expensive and the meat actually melts in your mouth.. and this udon cost less than $70 HKD..

other than the fake kurobuta.. mochi cafe is definitely worth a visit.. their udon is the best in Hong Kong/Vancouver!


Mochi Cafe 萬豚屋

G/F, 19-23 Hart Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui

Tel: (852) 3598 6282


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