Lord Stow’s Bakery – Hong Kong

i’m already anticipating going to macau next week so what better way to channel my excitement than to blog about food in macau!

macau is known for their Portuguese egg tarts and Lord Stow is generally acknowledged as the inventor.. it’s so famous that it was also featured in the uber popular k-drama “Goong (Palace)”

anyways.. it’s located out on Coloane Island.. there’s pretty much nothing else in Coloane (except for the St. Francis Xavier church)… imo, the main attraction is probably Lord Stow…

get ready for the egg tarts!


tada!!!!!  6 very delicious looking Portuguese egg tarts!!!!!!!!!! shiny custard top, crisp and flaky pastry tart, extremely hot buttery sweet smooth egg filling…… no kidding, this is the best portuguese egg tart…. all the other Portuguese egg tarts..  STAND ASIDE!

it’s worth the long trek out to coloane for any egg tart fanatics or foodies…and just some advice… if you do decide to taxi there, make sure the taxi waits for you! or else you would be taxi-less and would have to wait 15 minutes for a bus!


Lord Stow’s Bakery

1 Rua Do Tassara, Coloane, Macau


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