Café Causette @ The Mandarin Oriental – Hong Kong

wanted to try the chocolate buffet afternoon tea @ Mandarin Oriental, but because:

1. grandma wanted to order a-la-carte but clipper lounge only serves the chocolate buffet on the weekends


2. chocolate buffet was fully booked

we ended up going to Café Causette for their regular afternoon tea…

grandma ordered the mandarin club

i love the fries! served hot! crispy! i didn’t have a bite of the sandwich but granny said that she likes this because the sandwich bread is “soft” compared to the hard “baguette” type of other clubhouses… and it’s one of her favourite clubs!

i ordered the strawberry green tea which was quite nice.. while mom ordered the ginger tea but she thought it wasn’t gingery enough… by the way… isn’t the teapot so unique? but it was very difficult to pour..

the 3-tiers!!!!

the “inside-out” sandwiches… kinda like the inside out sushi rolls. haha… i’ve never had sandwiches with the filling on the outside… quite creative i think…  there were 4 different types: smoked salmon and horse radish, airdried ham and tomato, truffled egg mayonnaise and pickled cucumber and creme cheese.. the most notable sandwich was the cucumber one cause it was so refreshing!  and weirdly enough.. the sandwich didn’t taste like normal sandwich bread.. cause it sorta tasted like cake/bread? nonetheless, thumbs up!

savouries!! parmesan eclair, king prawn herb muffin, bacon quiche, and chicken tarragon pie… thumbs up again! (except the eclair… didn’t like the parmesan filling)

pastries!!! carrot cake, blueberry tart, cheesecake and sacher torte.. i like the carrot cake! not too sweet nor overly carotty..  but i think the “real” sacher torte in vienna is better/richer…

additional cake served on a plate.. i don’t know why they didn’t put it on the tier..maybe it’ll ruin the whole look?  i didn’t like it cause it was really really really sweet…

and how could i forget about the scones? it was sososo good! served warm.. crisp outer layer, very buttery taste, light and fluffy, didn’t crumble when I cut.. perfect! and the rose petal jam was soooo good.. my favourite jam! not too sweet and had a distinct taste (rose?).. i’ve never tasted rose before.. but it smelt like it!!

i think the afternoon tea at the Mandarin Oriental tops my list so far! next time,  i have to try the chocolate afternoon  tea!


Café Causette @ The Mandarin Oriental

M/F, Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong, 5 Connaught Road Central

Tel:(852) 2825 4007


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