The Lobby @ The Peninsula – Hong Kong

the most famous place for afternoon tea in Hong Kong is at the Peninsula hotel… and according to Peninsula’s website:

“Nothing is more evocative of the olden days of Hong Kong than Afternoon Tea beneath the neo-classical arches of The Peninsula Lobby. Step through the hotel’s main entrance and change gear, as this living example of history takes you back to a more gracious world when there was always time for tea. With The Lobby Strings for musical company, your toughest decision will be when to visit this most elegant rendezvous for a drink or a meal.”

my parents are big fans of peninsula dining and they especially like the lobby.. i too! the lobby brings back nostalgic memories from my childhood oh so long ago…my mom would spend hours shopping at the pen and to stop my brother and i from throwing tantrums, dad would take us to the lobby for THE BEST MILKSHAKES… no milkshake can beat the strawberry milkshake at the penn (nor the price too!)…

anyways.. back to the afternoon tea!

savouries… not the best.. i didn’t like the tart..

scones…. crumbly, and not the best again..

sweets.… i love peninsula chocolates!  and the pastries were pretty good…

i don’t think the afternoon tea @ the lobby is that good… for that price.. there are others which are more worth it.. imo, the afternoon tea is merely a tourist trap.. look at the long lineup! o well, there are also die-hard fans (aka. my parents) who think the pen is the best….

FAIM? un peu!

The Lobby @ The Peninsula – Hong Kong

Salisbury Road, Tsimshatsui, Hong Kong
Tel: 2920 2888


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