Dia Tafta – Athens, Greece

i just can’t stop blogging about greece! after a 2 hr walk around ancient agora and up/down mars hill under the scorching midday sun, we were exhausted and went to the nearest kafetonian (greek pub)… Dia Tafta!

it’s located on the pedestrian street right across the agora.. so there’s a pretty nice view..

ovenbaked sardines with tomatoes…..i mentioned before about my love of tomato sardines..so this is the dish i have to order!.. the tomatoes were plentiful and unlike the asian canned sardines, the tomatoes does not overtake the sardine taste….yummy!

greek gyros….this was so good that we had to reorder!  grilled pork, pita and fries!  you’re supposed to use the pita as a wrap, but we just ate it separately..the grilled pork was very tasty and tender..

mythos beer… greek beer!

we unanimously agreed that this was one of the better meals we had in greece!


Dia Tafta

Adrianou 37, Plaka

Tel: 210-3212347


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