Four Brothers – Piraeus, Greece

another seafood post! i also traveled to greece this summer and had a seafood dinner at a restaurant called Four Brothers, which is located in Pireaus (the port of Athens)… it’s at the waterfront.. so the view was gorgeous..

i didn’t have high expectations cause Vancouver is the best place for seafood… biased? not really.. we have cheap and fresh seafood, with lots of variety too! the prices were a bit expensive (lobster was 40-something euros per kg and the lobster in vancouver was around 9CAD per lb…).. since we would be home in a couple days, didn’t order fresh seafood for our entrees..

mussels….appetizer… it was the small type of mussels.. so of course it was really sweet…

sardines…appetizer.. i love sardines! especially the asian canned tomato sardines!  anyways.. this sardines was cooked with garlic.. so it didn’t have seafoody taste..

baked shrimps with cheese (there’s actually a name for it.. but i forgot)… the shimps weren’t really sweet.. and the sauce had a very strong taste and took over the natural shrimp taste..

seafood spaghetti…it’s always a safe choice… generous amounts of seafood.. but it was spicy…

nice location, supposedly “good” restaurant in Piraeus, but since i’m from vancouver. i’m biased for west coast seafood..

FAIM? non non……

Four Brothers

Piraeus, Greece


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