Le Salon de Thé de Joël Robuchon – Hong Kong

i’ve been meaning to try the high tea @ le salon for the longest time . so yesterday, i met up with some high school friends for afternoon tea @ le salon!

(and we bumped into moses chan, the actor, along with some paparazzi!)

the high tea set for 2:

Scones: Lemon & raisin scone; Natural scone: better than the ones @ peninsula..not as hard..but it was kind of dry and a bit crumbly..usually, i don’t really like jams cause they’re either  too sweet or too sour.. but the strawberry jam here was really good.. not too sweet nor sour..

Sandwiches: L-R

Lobster sandwich flavoured with tarragon sandwich: this is probably my favourite sandwich…fresh tasting lobster bits.. yumm!

Norwegian smoked salmon and caviar sandwich…. i like! cause i’m in love with smoke salmon and caviar!

Tuna and fresh mache pave sandwich… wasn’t really special.. (i think it’s probably because i grew up eating tuna sandwiches for lunch)

Premium ham with mustard seed sandwich.. nothing really special about it again cause i always had ham sandwiches for lunch too…..

Set of pastries and petit fours..

Petit fours…lemon cake, a chocolate nut crunch, and two fruit jellies…yumm.. lemon cake isn’t overly sweet like the others! and the petit fours is perfect in presenting different textures…

Mont-blanc..white chocolate and chestnut cream with a lemony centre.. omg.. i love this! my taste buds went crazy over the different flavours…

Exotique..white chocolate and passionfruit cake..i think the chocolate sort of takes over the passionfruit taste..i would have liked it if the chocolate wasn’t as prominent..

Macaroon ganache..mini macaroons on top of a flaky bottom… what can i say? mini macarooooons!!!!!!!!

Blueberry cheese cake.. it’s the soft kind… nothing too special…

Paris-brest…almond-topped pastry filled with chocolate cream and walnuts..i dunno..for me.. it tastes like a regular chocolate eclair..

this high tea set is the quality over quantity kind..the food is presented in such an artistic manner that i almost didn’t want to eat it cause it’s so pretty! red current berries, bits of lavender, gold leaves..were all used to further accentuate the aesthetically pleasing display..and unlike the normal tea with the 3 tiers.. the food is displayed in a more minimalist style ..and the food itself is made with fresh ingredients and is prepared meticulously..


Le Salon de Thé de Joël Robuchon

Shop 315, The Landmark. Central, Hong Kong


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